The difference between learning and studying

  The difference between learning and studying ᅠ Learning is possible only if there is something to learn (knowledge that already exist). Learning is possible only if there is someone who can teach you. Learning is possible only if someone has found something new or created new knowledge. ᅠ The people who focus on learning are: ᅠ 1. Moving towards a passive life. 2. You wouldn't know what to do unless you learned what to do by reading a book or being taught. 3. You would be frustrated if you don't have an answer unless someone gives you the answer. ᅠ Because of these, if you enjoy learning new things or knowledge, you might enjoy the learning but you will be mentally enslaved by the people with more knowledge or (and) political or (and) economic power gradually.   ᅠ ============================ Studying is a process of discovering new things or finding answers oneself. When you encounter something that you didn't know (or didn't expect), you can find answers by studying

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The reason to study

The reason to study Theᅠreason to study is to become a leader. A leaderᅠis a person who leads a community or a country. Inᅠother words, the reason to study is to become a king, queen, or president. Thisᅠis what all educational institutes claim. Butᅠuniversities teach students knowledge and skills for jobs. Studentsᅠalso wants those education so that they can get a job after school. A company and a societyᅠwelcome these educations because this supplies labor easy. Becauseᅠthere are many students with similar knowledge and skills, they can select whoever they want. Inᅠaddition, companies can replace old employee with new and fresh ones. Thisᅠis like replacing old parts in a machine with new one.   Basically,ᅠeducation focusing on knowledge and skills for jobs is turning students become a small part in a machine which can be replaced anytime. Ifᅠyou want to be a leader, you need to say goodbye to these educations. Beingᅠtrained to be a small part does not provide quality to become a leade

The reality of university education that focus on knowledge and skills for jobs

  The reality of university education that focus on knowledge and skills for jobs     Companies need university graduates with knowledge and skills that they need.  Why?   In most cases, a company wants someone who is ready to work with minimum training.  This is most efficient way of running a company in terms of money and time.   But what does this mean for students?    It means the student can be replaced by anyone who has similar knowledge and training. This also means that anyone can be replaced anytime.  In addition, by forcing students to compete for the same knowledge and skills, societies can filter more suitable ones for them.   Basically, university graduates are being manipulated to be small parts like nuts and bolts in a big machine. Whenever needed or newer version comes out, the old one can be thrown out.   And universities are the pipeline to provide these parts for the companies.   Ironically, students line up to get into a university. They pay high tuition to be cut a

Students shouldn’t plagiarize, really?

  Students shouldn’t plagiarize, really?   Educators say that they teach students to be leaders. Educators claim that students have to learn to critical and creative thinking to be leaders. For these, educators ask students not to copy and paste because it is not creative. They also say that plagiarism is serious issues.   Yet, educators use publisher-prepared or other exam banks to prepare exams and quizzes.   Instead of creating their own exams and quizzes, they copy and paste from other sources including textbooks. Since institutes pay for the services and textbooks, it might not be a crime.   But it is still copy-paste.   Could educators who are not able to create their own exams and quizzes teach students to be leaders? The chances would be very close to ‘NONE’. Still, they claim that they teach students to be leaders. f you are a student and see an educator uses exams and quizzes that can be found online or other sources, you should request them ‘N

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