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PonderEd has published 3rd book on study methods

PonderEd has published 3rd book on study method. You can download it from the link below.Description: Creating concepts like a satellite back in the time when there were no satellites could be almost impossible. Nonetheless, Isaac Newton laid out the artificial satellite concept by connecting force and gravity concepts. With the connecting concept training methods provided in this book, you will be led to build foundation skills of creative thinking.
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How to do better in the exams

How to do better in the exams
A student asked me, How to get higher grade for exams.
I told the student, You are being evaluated by essay and oral exam based on your essay and I already explained how to study for those.
The student told me, Exams from other classes. Thought I might have the answers.
I said to the student, There are mainly two types of exams. One is asking accuracy of knowledge that you know and second is to evaluate the goal-oriented brain function.
The example of the first one is questions like ‘when the world war II ended?’ These are questions asking accuracy of the knowledge. But this is not education for human. It is like training dogs to follow exactly as they learned. If any professor provided exams like this, you should go tell them not to teach and evaluate using the method used for training dogs.
The example of second case is questions like ‘1 gram object is falling from 1 meter above the ground. Calculate energy.’ These are the questions asking you to use goal-oriente…

Why online classes are not as effective as face to face?

Why online classes are not as effective as face to face?
One of the participants asked a question in the teaching professors virtual conference ongoing now. The question was that how to make online teaching effective. From the conference, there is limited info about online teaching.
I replied. If teaching is focused on delivering knowledge by understanding, effectiveness would drop significantly for online. This is because learning knowledge by understanding doesn’t require thinking. When thinking is not involved, it is like training a dog. Dogs can understand human signals and words and follow instruction once trained. The problem is that you cannot train dogs online. 
I continued. To make either online or face to face teaching effective, thinking function of the human brain has to be tackled. And the thinking process includes data collection, analysis, prediction and decision making.
The person replied. How to teach students to learn knowledge and thinking at the same time.
I replied again. I…

Goal oriented teaching method (1st edition)

Goal oriented teaching method (1st edition)
In general, education focuses on ‘knowledge’. But by teaching knowledge students wouldn’t be able to develop thinking skills to be a leader or decision maker (refer to ‘Something you should know about learning knowledge by understanding!’). Then, what to focus for learning and teaching? The best but most difficult one is ‘thought process-based learning and teaching’. But this requires systematic training and takes time (the shortest is about 4 years). And the goal of ‘thought process-based education’ is for learners to develop their brain power beyond known geniuses such as Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. Thus, Min has developed one extra learning and teaching methods which named as goal-oriented learning and teaching. However, individual learner might not be able to follow this easily simply due to lack of experiences, this article will be focusing on teaching. Please note. The method is not a subject and this is a method. You can apply for a…